Digital Life SyncDigital Life Sync’s expert services ensure that you make the best choice from the array of technological options available, and our set up and installation services will help you create any type of audio/video environment including whole-home audio, in-home theaters and media rooms. We also sell and install home automation equipment such as lighting and thermostat controls.

Training is also an important area of service for our business. We want to make sure that you know how to use all of the great equipment we’ve just installed, so we take the time to show you the best way to make your new technology work for you. We can also show you how to get the most out of your existing technology.

At Digital LifeSync, our passion is technology, and we want to share that with you. With our expertise and personal service, Digital LifeSync is your best source for the latest in technology that fits your needs and your budget.




Whole House Audio when and where you want it. Digital LifeSync provides custom audio solutions throughout your home. Digital LifeSync installs all types of speakers (in-ceiling, in-wall, outdoor or free standing). Our goal is to make sure the speakers aesthetically fit the space and sound amazing!




There are many decisions to make when choosing a new television (LED, OLED, LCD, Curved, 4K, Refresh Rate… All of this can be quite overwhelming. Digital LifeSync will help you navigate these difficult decisions to ensure you pick the right TV for you and your viewing space.




Control your Security, Audio, Video, Lighting, Climate and more from one room to the next or from anywhere in the world! Digital LifeSync will help you bring your multiple systems together into one easy to use system.

  • Stream your favorite music throughout the house from Spotify, Pandora or your iTunes library.
  • Press a single Scene button to Turn on lights in the house, set thermostat to certain temperature and start your favorite Pandora radio station playing throughout the home.
  • Check on the house or family members via live video feed from your smartphone.
  • Never walk into a dark house! Turn on pathway lights when you open the garage door.




Now more than ever, the network in the home is so very important. From connecting to the internet from your laptop, phone or tablet to streaming Netflix through your TV or running your home automation system, the network must be very strong in your home. Digital LifeSync will make sure your home is wired properly and setup for all your network connected devices. Our staff is trained in setting up and installing all aspects of the network, to make sure it performs at its best.